Movie Review: The Giver

An impressive rendition of a society drunk on political correctness is portrayed in the 2014 film, The Giver. This sci-fi film is about a community that seeks to sanitize human existence by suppressing emotions and “free thought.” The residents are assigned their jobs for life during an annual graduation ceremony. Older residents are “released” when … More Movie Review: The Giver

What is a Baramin?

Evolutionists often scoff at the idea of Noah bringing two of every species into the Ark. They look at the number of species today and conclude that it would have been impossible for such a menagerie to be packed into a floating vessel of wood. Even with organizational help from IKEA, fitting millions of species … More What is a Baramin?

Did Paul Try To Transform Society?

[Dr. Kenneth Gentry graciously published my article on his site, You can read the full article here. Also, someone translated the article into Spanish: found here.] One of the practical implications of a robustly postmillennial theology is the need to transform our society according to the Word of God. To the great detriment of … More Did Paul Try To Transform Society?

Reasons to Believe and Lions Eating Their Prey

Reasons to Believe (RTB) is an organization that seeks to syncretize the biblical account of creation with certain evolutionary theories, especially the belief in millions and millions of years of earth history. Many organizations (including AiG and ICR) continue to write well-researched critiques of many of RTB’s positions. In this post, I look at one … More Reasons to Believe and Lions Eating Their Prey