About Me

I am Chris Hume, M.A., a conservative and Reformed Christian, writer, and preacher. I am currently serving as an evangelistic worker with Reformed Evangelistic Fellowship. I was converted to Christ at the age of 20 in 2007. As a new convert, I was introduced to biblical evangelism via the Way of the Master Evangelism Course in 2007. Through the years, I have further developed my approach via seminary courses, study, discipleship, and numerous outreaches. Some of my main influences in Christian ministry and theology are R.C. Sproul, Richard Stevens, Charles Spurgeon, Sye Ten Bruggencate, Kenneth Gentry, Greg Bahnsen, and Doug Wilson.

Chris Hume and family
Chris Hume and family (November 2017)

I earned the M.A. degree in Literature from Clarks Summit University (a Christian institution located in northeastern Pennsylvania). I earned the B.A. degree in History from Ashford University. I served four years in the U.S. Air Force (2011-2015). I currently live in Delaware with my wife and five children. My articles are occasionally featured on Dr. Ken Gentry’s website: PostmillennialWorldview.com.

Why the name Reformed Hope? Dr. Richard Pratt put it best when he wrote:

We believe that the Lordship of Christ extends to all areas of life. Christ is Lord not only of the church; He is supreme over the family, the arts and sciences, and human society at large. For this reason, we do not withdraw from the world…As the Gospel spreads, believers are to transform their cultures to the honor and glory of God…We are to fill the earth, every aspect of the earth, with the knowledge of God our creator and redeemer, and thus fulfill the mandate given to Adam and Eve so long ago. (“Our Reformed Hope,” What is Reformed About Reformed Theological Seminary)

My hope is that Christ will indeed “reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet.” As the Gospel spreads, and individuals are saved, the culture will be changed. This will only be accomplished as biblical churches, by the power of the Holy Spirit, fulfill the Great Commission, teaching all nations to observe all that King Jesus commanded.