The 12 Most Influential Books in My Christian Walk

This list of books is a bit like a stack of Ebenezer stones. They stand as a testimony to how God used people (both the authors of the books and those who introduced me to these works) to help me grow in the faith. I’ve always enjoyed reading, but since becoming a Christian I have especially found books to be a great source of edification, instruction, and growth. … More The 12 Most Influential Books in My Christian Walk

Book Review: Worldviews in Conflict

Identification of thesis and summary of text content Worldviews in Conflict is a primer on the importance of the Christian worldview. Ronald Nash seeks to show the importance of worldview, how to select a worldview, the shortcomings of two non-Christian worldviews, and the superiority of the Christian worldview. After being introduced to the idea of … More Book Review: Worldviews in Conflict