Pennsylvania Senator’s Bill is Worthless, Another Reason to Reject the Government School System

The “Empowering PA Families in Education” bill, co-sponsored by Pennsylvania Senators Ryan Aument and Scott Martin, is a worthless piece of legislation that does nothing to stop the spread of sexual perversion in government schools.

The bill is designed to “prohibit classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation for pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade students, consistent with the timeline for when the existing academic standards on general sex education begins in sixth grade.”

Aument and Martin assume and grant that the government has an obligation to teach children about “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.” But why is the government teaching about “gender identity” at all? Gender identity ideology is foolish and immoral—it encourages children to think that they can decide for themselves if they are a boy or a girl.

This bill would officially recognize and legislate the teaching of sexual perversion (i.e., gender identity, LGBTQ ideology, etc.) to students in grades six through twelve. This is an oft overlooked aspect of bills such as this. Legislation that on its surface prohibits something, but in effect officially approves of the same thing. (Heartbeat bills are similar: they actually legalize and cement the “right” to an abortion, codifying the murder of babies—all under the guise of preventing abortion.)

Aument’s website ( has a page dedicated to the “Empowering Families in Education Act.” The page makes it clear that the bill would not ban discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in school settings. “We don’t limit, we don’t prohibit organic conversations,” Aument said, according to CBS News Pittsburg. “We don’t prohibit certainly teachers responding to questions.”

In other words, all it takes for a teacher to launch into a gender identity spiel is for one student to ask a question.

Gender idealogues and outspoken sexual deviants do not need an official, state-sponsored curriculum to indoctrinate children with their perverted view of sex. All they need is an open door.

Teachers who are willing to cross dress, talk about their same-sex partners, or request to be called by other pronouns by their students will be eager and ready for any question about sexuality. Their openness about their sexual perversion will certainly lead to some questions. Then, their sexual indoctrination of children will be authorized by Aument’s bill—after all it is an “organic conversation,” albeit brought about by the flaunting of a sexual pervert.

Aument claims that sexual discussions should not occur “without the knowledge or consent of the parents” and yet makes it clear that “organic conversations” will in no way be limited.

How is that going to work? Each time a perverted teacher is asked about why he is wearing a dress, or why she wants to be called “they/them” instead of “she/her,” the school is going to call every parent before continuing with the “organic conversation”? Of course not. This bill will do absolutely nothing to stop perverted teachers from confusing children.

The bill also promises “to protect students in the LGBTQ community by providing critical exemptions if it can be reasonably demonstrated that parental notification would result in abuse or abandonment of a minor.” Who is going to determine what abuse is? You can bet a woke guidance counsellor will be happy to utilize this “critical exemption” as often as possible, in the most liberal and ambiguous way.

Sexual perverts should not be teaching children. In a righteous society, the open promotion of sodomy and other sexual perversion would be outlawed. And yet, Senators Aument and Martin apparently have no qualms with these people influencing the next generation—so long as the kids ask, and the conversations are organic!  

Aument reveals that he has already been duped by the leftists when he refers to the “LGBTQ community.” “Community”? Would he refer to the “adultery community,” or the “thieving community”? Would he propose legislation against theft that balances the needs of property owners and members of the thieving community? Unlikely. And yet, “leaders” like Aument fall hook, line, and sinker for the zeitgeist of our day.

I urge Senator Aument to repent of compromise and recognize this stuff for what it is—sexual perversion and wickedness.

Keeping perverts (i.e., those who embrace and promote an unbiblical view of sexuality) out of schools would be an obvious, commonsense solution—but it will not happen because the government school system is unbiblical and will never be blessed with commonsense solutions.

The real solution to this problem is not worthless political posturing or another government bill. No matter how many bills men like Aument and Martin put forward, the government school system will remain ineffectual, immoral, and wasteful. The solution? Abolish the government school system. Stop stealing money via the property tax. The government school system is based on socialism and statism, and until so-called conservatives understand this, they will keep propping up an anti-Christian institution. And they will keep forcing you to pay for it.

Aument reveals that he does not understand the nature of education when his website states, “Just as a public-school teacher rightfully wouldn’t be allowed to teach their students Christian religious ideology in a non-neutral way, they should also be prohibited from pushing sexual orientation and gender identity ideology.”

Aument believes that it is wrong for a government schoolteacher to proclaim the lordship of Christ in a “non-neutral way.” I think Aument needs to go read the Bible. Nothing about Christ is “neutral.” Aument has fallen for the myth of neutrality.

All education is inescapably moral. The leftists are not seeking neutrality; they are seeking the conquest of the next generation with their demonic doctrines. And they are quite happy for men like Aument to claim that the schools should be “neutral.” “Neutrality” will be utilized to buttress the “right” of perverts to share their ideology with young children (all in a “neutral” and “organic” way, of course). “Neutrality” will be utilized to steadily silence any teaching on the truth about men and women and sexuality. But I guess the truth should not be allowed—after all, the truth is not neutral, is it Senator Aument?

If our legislators will not return to biblical law, as our state was founded on, then they need to get out of the way. If this bill is any indication, Aument and Martin have abandoned the only thing capable of defeating the spread of lies all around us: the unashamed, non-neutral truth of the Christian worldview.

(And by the way—parents, if you want to be notified prior to your children being indoctrinated with sexual perversion, consider this your notification: if you send your children to a government school, they will be exposed to sexual perversion.)

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